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Why Should I Spend Money and Buy Stuff on Schmoozyshops?

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016 09:20AM EDT
That's right, the internet is so massive and there a gazillion websites out there to spend your money with.  And generally speaking we all are looking for the most unique products at the cheapest prices. We all shop "sales" all of the time, looking for the deepest discounts.

But, what if there was a better way to find the best products at the least cost?  We all know about all the cashback deals the credit card companies give us for being loyal to their card, right?  That's only cashback on YOUR purchase though, in other words, somewhat limiting.

At Schmoozyshops, we are different.  You earn a commission, or cashback on the purchases of others, not yourself.  If you had 50 friends that you referred to Schmoozyshops, would you rather earn a cashback commission on all of their purchases or just your own? 

So where do you have the potential to get the best deal?  Right here!

Here's a hypothetical example:

Let's say you bought something here for $50, but maybe you could find that it was 10% lower on one of the other sites ($45).  You might be inclined to go buy it for $45 elsewhere, right?
But what if you were taught all wrong, and loyalty was really what it's all about?!  Let's say you have 25 referrals attached to you and they each spent some money too.  Let's say in total they spent $1000 this month (25X$40).  You would make 4% of that back or $40.  So you spent $50 and got back $40, net result, a $10 expenditure.

Can you see the power in loyalty?  When we all stick together and help each other, we all prosper!

And, by the way, you still get the cash back, points or mileage ON YOUR PERSONAL PURCHASE based on the credit card you used.  The commissions we pay are over and above all of that!  So...


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