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What drives Schmoozyshops?

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016 09:06AM EDT
Schmoozyshops is powered by its parent company, Schmoozys™ LLC.  The company was founded by Caren and Mitch Buchwalter and operates out of the State of Georgia.

The company's owners have had long careers, Caren's being in early childhood education having her Masters Degree from Adelphi University, and Mitch has spent 30+ years in the Home Textiles Industry becoming one of the largest manufacturers of lace home furnishings in the US.  He is a graduate of the prestigious Wharton School of Business.  He has always been a serial entrepreneur and a bit tech savvy.

And now, both of them have the will, desire and ambition to take things to a new level.

Two general beliefs have driven them to create Schmoozys
LLC.  Based on their personal lives and careers, they have grown to learn that first, not everyone is given a fair chance to get ahead in life.  It's not just all about working hard.  We are all not created as equals no matter how hard we work.  And secondly, the world is being driven by the very wealthy, which is just a handful of people.  Major corporations have driven mom and pop businesses out, thus eroding the middle class.  People are suffering and going hungry all around the world, and those that can get by have become homogeneous.  We all wear the same clothing, shop the same major big box stores and are not offered the variety and uniqueness of products that we used to be.

Yet we all know "power is in the hands of the people", right?  So they believe that if we can lock arms, have some fun, and create a loyal community of sellers and shoppers, wealth can be spread amongst many whereby specific skills are not required other than to have the passion and motivation to schmooze with others and create loyalty.  They believe that by first helping others, you help yourself too.

Schmoozyshops provides an answer for the "little guy" to offer their products for sale and get major exposure.  Schmoozyshops is a platform than can provide the exposure for new and unique products, otherwise never seen at big box stores.  Schmoozyshops can even be a platform for manufacturers to sell direct to consumers without disturbing their retail business.  

Last but not least, our unique Referral Program allows everyone to share in the wealth!  One can earn commissions by referring both users and sellers to Schmoozyshops.  A major portion of the revenues collected from the commissions the sellers pay Schmoozyshops goes to those referrers!  Let's put the money back into the hands of the people who are spending the money, which drives more business, increases sales, and promotes more jobs!  Small business always was, and still is, the backbone of our economy.  Let's take control of it.

Schmooze, Don't Lose!  We can do it!
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