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Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2015 01:57PM EDT
Schmoozyshops Referral Program
Additional Terms and Conditions
Following are terms and conditions specifically applicable to Schmoozyshops Referral Program participation.  Please note that they are in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Use in the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy that govern all Schmoozyshops accountholders, whether or not they are associated with the Referral Program.  Any terms capitalized but not defined in these Referral Program terms have the meanings ascribed to them in those general terms policies.
1.A qualifying referral ("Referral") is credited to you when a new user registers for a Schmoozyshops account via a link that you personally sent them.  Your potential Referral pool can be established in various ways, including but not limited to e-mailing a personal invite link to your address book contacts, sending one to your personal connections on social media outlets, or sharing products or profiles on social sites.
2.Each Referral is permanently attributed to you for so long as you retain a valid Schmoozyshops Referral Program account in good standing, and your full Referral roster can be viewed from the "back-office" segment of your profile.
3.Ordinary Referral Program participants earn a commission of four percent (4%) of the pre-tax-and-shipping price for a purchase made by their Referral.
4.A commission of three percent (3%) of the pre-tax-and-shipping price is earned for each sale made by your Referral that is a Schmoozyshops seller (or four percent (4%) if that Referral seller establishes a monthly subscription for a Schmoozyshops Store Upgrade).
5.Any commission earned under the Referral Program is a "Referral Commission" derived from transactions and user activity that must comply with all other Schmoozyshops user regulations.  A given individual or entity can maintain only one Schmoozyshops account that participates in the Referral Program, and that accountholder must represent and warrant that it is a United States citizen or a business entity organized in a United States jurisdiction.
6.Note that Schmoozyshops sellers, themselves, are eligible for the Referral Program.
7.You may only earn Referral Commission in a given calendar month if you, yourself, have made a Schmoozyshops purchase of at least Twenty-Five Dollars ($25), before tax, in that month.
8.Referral Commission, and the calculation of any qualifying amount therefor, are subject to post-adjustment for, e.g., purchases returned by you or your Referral, or patterns of user conduct that appear primarily engineered to generate unwarranted Referral Commission.  Referral Commission amounts already paid can be reversed, in our reasonable discretion, upon the occurrence of these and similar circumstances.  Any violation of Schmoozyshops policies can also result in your termination from the Referral Program.
9.Referral Commission is only earned on sales made directly via the Schmoozyshops Website, and not, for example, on third-party affiliate purchases.
10.We reserve the right to change Referral Commission rates at any time.
11.Referral Commission will be paid by using our designated Payment Vendor, as designated and amended from time to time (as of the date of this publication, Payquicker).  Typically, you will receive an e-mail communication from the Payment Vendor when you have Referral Commission available.  You must open an account with that Payment Vendor to access the funds, subject to any fees separately and directly charged by them.)
12.Referral Commission will be paid according to the customary payment policies of Schmoozyshops and the Payment Vendor, as in effect and as may be amended from time to time.  As of the date of this publication, Referral Commission is paid on the tenth (10th) day of the second month after the month in which it was accrued (for example, Referral Commission earned for January purchases is paid on March 10th).
13.Appropriate tax reporting documentation will be issued to Referral Program participants, as required (e.g., IRS Form 1099 to a user who has been paid in excess of Six Hundred Dollars ($600) in Referral Commission during a calendar year).
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